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Virginia General Assembly Legislative Report (2019)

Sunday, May 12th, 2019

The annual recap of the recently concluded Session of the Virginia General Assembly was presented by our local legislators, Senator Creigh Deeds (D) and Delegates Steve Landes (R) and David Toscano (D). Delegates Bell and Fariss and Senator Reeves declined to participate.

The program was moderated by SSV vice president and program committee chair Bonnie Brewer. Listen to the podcast (press Audio MP3) and then start the PowerPoint by clicking here.

Program Summary

May’s SSV program was the annual General Assembly recap. All our local representatives were invited, and Sen. Creigh Deeds and Delegates Steve Landes and David Toscano were able to attend. Representatives each gave an opening statement about their individual efforts with explanatory comments about their positions. In addition, they each provided background information and additional details about why they voted the way they did.

This was a good year for funding the budget due to windfall from new federal tax law, a good economy and the new ability to tax internet sales. Virginia has chosen to use some of the funds for the VA Housing Trust, a pay raise for teachers and hiring more school counselors.

Another topic was redistricting. To become code the bill passed this year must pass next year with the same language and then be approved by the voters as an amendment to the VA constitution.

Route 81 improvements will require a gas tax increase affecting only areas near Route 81. Sen. Deeds explained that this is because when northern Virginia had highway improvements, other areas of the state did not feel they should pay the cost, so now the 81 improvements will be paid by the local residents over 20 years with an approximate cost increase of 6-8 cents per gallon.

In answer to the question about the tax benefits used to attract Amazon, each panel member felt that the value to the whole state and the fact that all states are trying to attract business and offer perks made the offer worthwhile.

This SSV program was the final SSV General Assembly appearance for retiring delegates David Toscano and Steve Landes. The program ended with the group thanking all the delegates for their service to Virginia and attendance at SSV programs.