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General Assembly Update – 2022

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Three of our local General Assembly members were able to participate in our annual May General Assembly Update meeting: Senator Creigh Deeds (D), Delegate Matt Fariss (R) and Delegate Sally Hudson (D). The program was introduced by Sue Friedman, president of SSV, and moderated by SSV board member Ella Jordan.

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Moderator Ella Jordan. Sen Creigh Deeds and Del Matt Fariss, Del Sally Hudson

Program Summary

The current status of Virginia government with a Republican governor and Republican majority in the house and a Democratic majority in the Senate has led to gridlock in approving the budget, which is still not finalized. If it is not approved by July 1, 2022, it is possible that Virginia government will shut down. All the participants expressed hope that agreement will be reached. Even with the current budget surplus the parties agree that what must also be taken into account is that the cost of supplies, labor, etc., have significantly increased so the state is not as flush with cash as it seems.

Many topics were addressed during the presentation, but mental health was a priority of all three speakers. Funding for better support services and housing for persons with mentally illness were primary needs. The differences between running a business or government have caused some concerns with the Democrats who believe that the more transparency the better as opposed to the Republican position that some work should not be public information in that it may stifle participation in government.

Other questions from the audience concerned the Dillon Rule (local government needs state approval to raise and levy taxes), constitutionality of executive orders, the Tip Line, and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).