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Aging and Ageism: They Don’t Go Together

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Bethanie Constant, CFRE, VP for Mission at Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (WCBR), presented a thought-provoking and informative presentation on “Aging, Ageism and Ableism—Beliefs, Myths, Research and Action”. SSV is focused on learning about current issues and how we can have a voice! This presentation fit the bill!

In addition to her WCBR position and expertise, Bethanie is in the middle of her Master of Science degree in Gerontology at Virginia Commonwealth University. The presentation reviewed the following topics:
Consciousness Raising; Finding Commonality; Looking at the Landscape; Understanding Key Terms; Dispelling Myths, Highlighting Research; Transforming Our Perspective; and Sharing Resources

To see Bethanie’s PowerPoint, click here.

–We began by participating in a discussion around four questions.
–We learned that the United States is an aging nation…77 million 65+ in 2034, 94 million in 2060!
–We reviewed implicit bias…..attitudes and stereotypes we associate with other people that exist without our conscious knowledge!!
–We learned the definition of Ageism….which impacts how we think (stereotypes), how we feel (prejudice) and how we act (discrimination) towards others or oneself based on age.   From the World Health Organization!
–We gained knowledge of terms to avoid and suggested alternatives…..from “the elderly” to “older adults”
–We learned the six myths of old age: 1) that it is a disaster; 2) that we are mindless; 3) that we are sexless; 4) that we are useless; 5) that we are powerless; and 6) that we are all alike; and so much more.

The program was moderated by SSV Board Member Sue Liberman.