Delegates Bell and Toscano address Senior Statesmen of Virginia

On April 9th, 2008, the Senior Statesmen of Virginia hosted Charlottesville-area Delegates David Toscano and Rob Bell. The two reviewed this year’s General Assembly session, and gave a preview of the upcoming veto session. Mike Ludgate serves as the moderator for the event, which was recorded by Dan Daniels with help from Jim Peterson.


  • 00:00 – Introduction from Mike Ludgate
  • 03:36 – Delegate David Toscano (D-57)
  • 09:14 – Delegate Rob Bell (R-58)
  • 18:21 – Question on legislation requiring Virginia medical students to take at least one course on geriatric medicine
  • 20:47 – Question on transportation funding
  • 23:44 – Question on whether the Delegates would support in the gas tax
  • 29:34 – The Delegates are asked about their support for mass transit
  • 33:40 – Question about regional transportation authorities
  • 36:36 – Question about bipartisan redistricting
  • 39:20 – “What is the process used to provide support for the schools?”
  • 46:00 – Toscano discusses the revenue-sharing agreement between Charlottesville and Albemarle
  • 47:32 – Delegate Bell is asked a question about the role of the teacher in cases of bullying
  • 50:10 – Question about the state reimbursing dentists who accept patients on Medicaid
  • 51:57 – Question about how state lottery funds go to education
  • 53:20 – Question about pay-day loans
  • 58:50 – Question about using private funding to build roads
  • 1:00:20 – “How can we get more support for enlarging and improving rail service in Virginia?”
  • 1:02:23 – “Why can’t there be stiffer laws to get the mentally ill into treatment?” (Delegate Toscano had to leave, so the remaining questions are answered only by Delegate Bell)
  • 1:08:18 – “What is re-benchmarking?”
  • 1:09:38 – “What aren’t Charlottesville and Albemarle County consolidated into one authority?”
  • 1:11:52 – A question about prioritizing transportation spending

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